Robert M. Matchett
Ph.D. Student
Graduate Assistant
Research Intern

Office: Stubbs Hall, Room 22
Email: rmatch1@lsu.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Robert M. Matchett’s research interest center around sociology of gender and sexuality, embodiment, disability and health, social psychology and qualitative research methods. Currently Matchett is working on a project exploring the performative nature of puppy play. This research is an exploratory study that examines the lived experiences of individuals identifying as human pups. His research takes an in-depth and personal look at human pups to examine how they create and maintain pupsonas, enter pup headspace, and engage in the practice of puppy play. Matchett is continuing his research on pup play as a part of a research internship with The Center for Positive Sexuality in Los Angelas, California.

Matchett currently employed as a graduate assistant in the Department of Sociology at Louisiana State University. In this position he aids professors on their research projects, assists with classroom management tasks, and perfoms guest lectures. Matchett has also served on the Sociology Graduate Student Association (SGSA) for two years as an officer. During this time he has developed original programs to cultivate scholarship leadership and fellowship within the department. These events included an anual pedagogy talking group, a shark tank research competition, a hallway poster session, and a pie your professor fundraiser. In addition to designing and implementing events, Matchett also created the SGSA Website.

Matchett treats service and philanthropy as core values and contributes to the department in many other ways.  When students become interested in the graduate program Matchett has led them on tours of campus. Also, when potential students come for visitatation Matchett attends many events such as group dinners, graduate student panels etc. Matchett has also served as a mentor to incoming graduate students through the graduate student mentorship program. Finally when the department goes through its hiring process Matchett attends the job talks and has facillitated student panels.